Social Events & Activities

Social Events

To sign up for an event, please use the SUNYLA Conference Social Event form:

Wednesday, June 16

7:00–9:00 p.m.

🎮📱 Jackbox/Among Us hosted by Angela Rhodes

Room 3

These are two party games that will require you to join the Zoom call on your computer for sound, voice, and visuals, and to use your smart phone or computer to play along. Jackbox requires only a browser (either on your computer or on your phone), and for Among Us you will need to download a copy of the game to either your computer or your phone ($5 on Steam or free on Mac App Store and Google Play Store). Each game can support 8-10 players, and Jackbox can support a large number of onlookers (nonparticipant voters). Based on the number of people we have, we may flex to play one game over another.

Crochet as Self Care hosted by Danielle Apfelbaum 🧶

Room 4

Come and learn about crochet as a method to de-stress while embracing your inner maker. In this session, you’ll be introduced to foundational crochet skills and stitches as you make your very own face scrubby. Please review this supply list if you’re planning to crochet along with the group: Interested, but not ready to participate? No worries! You’re welcome to attend, watch the techniques, and ask questions as we go.

🌟🌱 Open Zoom Room

Room 5

During this time an open Zoom room will be available for those who would simply like to socialize.

Thursday, June 17

7:00–9:00 p.m.

Show & Tell hosted by Yvonne Kester 📢 (Room 3)

It’s a blast from elementary school, but librarians are an eclectic bunch with lots of interesting stories and varied passions. Let’s get together to share and learn about one another through our personal collections! Do you have an object with an interesting history or a tattoo with a great story behind it? Grab your stuff and tell us!

💡Virtual Trivia Night! hosted by Erin Rowley

Room 4

Join us for two rounds of virtual trivia. We will play using Kahoot; you can download the app for your phone or play on your computer (quick note: it does tend to work best when you have two screens if using your computer, but it’s not mandatory). Questions will be multiple choice and will cover categories including geography, pop culture, literature, and technology. Hope to see you there!

Open Zoom Room 🌟🌱

Room 5

During this time an open Zoom room will be available for those who would simply like to socialize.


🔍 Spot the Bronco!

Image of SUNY Delhi's mascot, Blaze the Bronco, as a stuffed animal.

Blaze, the SUNY Delhi mascot, is so excited for the SUNYLA Conference! As you’re watching presentations, keep an eye out for Blaze hanging out in the background. Make a list of the sessions where you spot him throughout the conference, and email your answers to by Friday, June 18th at 6 PM for the chance to win a prize!

Virtual Scavenger Hunt 📍

Even if you can’t visit Delhi in person right now, you can still learn more about this neat little town and its history. Put those librarian skills to good use and find the answers to as many questions as you can for the chance to win a prize!

🖍️ Coloring Pages

Printable PDF

Virtual Photo Booth 📷 

The Virtual Photo Booth is LIVE! Let us see your smiling faces and show your SUNYLA spirit. Create a photo, boomerang, or gif, then dress it up with fun stickers and backgrounds. If you share your creation to social media, be sure to use the conference hashtag #SUNYLA2021. Check out the Gallery to see some of your fellow conference attendees!